Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hello! First time doing this blog thing (kind of) so hope you receive a blessing!

Two months and two weeks away from our wedding!
Oh yes, Steve and Shy
("were meant to be!...their love for each other is simply harmony")
Getting married Sunday, June 25, 2006 - 11 a.m. @ Calabasas Inn(.com).
We've been together for a very long time... (high school sweethearts).
It's amazing how much we've grown these past years - the Lord has been so good and faithful to us.
You can visit our wedding website:

Many things have been happening lately...

  • dealing with the loss of Andrew, my brother (Friday, March 3, 2006). It's been so hard, but I believe the Lord has kept us strong and at peace. I have this constant knot in my stomach/lump in my throat everytime I think about him. The wedding will be wonderful, but it will be hard when Andrew won't be standing there next to us. His friends have told us that he was looking forward to seeing me (Shylene, sister, Ate) walk down the aisle. He's sleeping now - and satan can't touch him - we miss him so much still.
  • wedding plans... finally our wedding invitations are out and about, flowers are mostly taken care of, the bridal party still have to get dresses altered - still need to find shoes!!, guys still need to buy their black pants (ahem!! heehee), have to do another taste testing, figuring out the final stuff for our yummy vegan cake....... have Mercy! so much to do!
  • buying the condo - moving steve in (i'm moving after we're married) - let me tell you it ain't easy to find, buy, and move into a place 2 months before the wedding - especially after how poorly we've been treated by agents, brokers, HOA people - mean it really was a challenge and a trying experience (on top of everything else that's happened)
  • working as a real nurse w/ cute icu babies - yeah i'm going to stay on noc shift a bit longer - hopefully sleep will come easier to me - kinda hard though with everything i need to take care of - i try to delegate to other people, but there's still much more i need to do. nicu's been wonderful though, everyone has been really nice & sympathetic since taking some time off for andrew's services.
  • mip minisitry & fontana stuff - let's see mission trip to the PI this summer, scholarship funds, p4E - Lessons from the Master. the prayer meetings have helped so much to bring mip together to focus on the Lord's will for the PI... it's cutting it very close though for the Lord to provide the rest of the means to fund this misison trip. the Lord I know will show us He's in control and the appointed time - i know my faith is tried that I may trust the Lord (i do have the tendency to try to rely on my own means and accomplish things myself, but it really does not work that way because the easier thing to do is to allow Jesus to do all the work in us to do amazing things).

Well, we'll update you all more in the "life of misters!!"

God bless and Maranatha!!