Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Boracay, Philippines

Hello! Steve and Shy left for the Philippines on June 27. We stayed in Boracay at the Regency for 3 nights. The hotel was beautiful right on the beachfront. The beach was beautiful, soft sand, warm water, cool breeze. It rained only twice - very short showers. We were able to go jetskiing as well - the waves were so rocky! - but lots of fun! During Sabbath we pretty much stayed in our suite and relaxed also watched 3ABN on cable. You'll see a picture of a pizza from Aria - we ate it like 3 different times! - the pizza was so delicious. It reminded Steve of a pizza he ate in Peru this last March. The buko (that was given to us by a nice lady who works for the tourist dept) was yummy as well! The shirts of Boracay that we were wearing were handpainted - aren't they amazing? All in all we had a wonderful honeymoon. We stayed in the PI for many more weeks for the Make It Plain mission trip. More to come!! God bless!

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